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How to travel to Glastonbury?



The closest international airport is BRISTOL aiport

Flight comparers: Kayak, Momondo, Skyscanner

From the airport you take the« FLYER » ou A1bus (see Website) to Bristol and get off at the stop TEMPLE MEADS or at the bus terminal BRISTOL COACH STATION …

… there you take bus 376 (First Line) in the direction of Street. You will arrive an hour and a half later in Glastonbury. You can get off at the stop GLASTONBURY TOWN HALL – Magdalene street.
You can buy your bus ticket to Glastonbury at the airport (the desk is at your right hand side when you leave the airport, the bus stops right in front of the exit door)

Price: £10

There are multiple car rental options at the Airport

You can order a taxi in advance

Or by BUS


From LONDON with berry COACHES, a direct bus that takes 3 hours from London (Hammersmith) to Glastonbury town centre. Your stop is called GLASTONBURY TOWN HALL. There is only one bus a day that departs around 6:45 p.m. every day.
See the website

or with NATIONAL EXPRESS: you take a bus at Victoria Coach Station to Bristol (2h20). In Bristol you take a First Line bus (376) to Glastonbury (1h40). There are regular buses all day. Travel time around 4H00. 

Visit the National Express website


The nearest train station to Glastonbury is CASTLE CARY, from here you can take a taxi to Glastonbury (35£).
Or you can travel to BRISTOL TEMPLE MEADS from London Paddington and then take Bus 376 direction STREET. (1h25)

Tickets and timetable for the train with Trainline.

We also have a shuttle (not always available, depends on your arrival time and our availability):
Castle Cary: £15 
Bristol Temple Meads Station: £22 


Where to stay?

Thanks to the fact that Glastonbury is a popular tourist destination, there is a great number of B&B’s and hotels for every budget. 
You can find a good list of local B&B’s here:::

The BnBs we recommend are:

Carters Cottage
Haydn House
St Anne’s
Magdalene House
Abbot’s Leigh

You also advise you to look on Airbnb (and ask if you can walk to Glastonbury town centre from your accommodation)

Why Glastonbury?

Glastonbury is the heart chakra of the earth, placed on some of the most potent energy lines of the planet. A place of initiation since centuries, a high altar of the druids and sacred place for the holy family, a place of worship for people across different traditions and religions. It is one of the great temples of initiation on this planet that is still active. It is a place of profound transformation, no-one leaves Glastonbury the same. The energy of Glastonbury accelerates and intensifies any process of transformation and a conscious pilgrim can align his/her whole being and lifestyle to their soul mission. 

It is a place beyond time and space, a place that allows spiritual seekers to reconnect to aspects of themselves that stay hidden in other environments. Glastonbury opens the possibilities and breaks the invisible ceiling of our conscious and subconscious limitations. What better place than the heart chakra of the planet to prepare the people that will build the world of tomorrow? 

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