Sacrilege! Or not?

I decided to write this article to support some of the people I meet, women and men who feel a strong vocation in the field of healing and wellbeing or who would like to share a spiritual teaching, but who have are having hard time receiving a salary for those activities.
Often they feel fear or shame to ask for payment for a service they provide within the field of spirituality and consciousness. Where do these obstacles and resistance in relation to money come from?

First of all, we need to take a closer look at the limiting beliefs we hold about money and generating income. We need to make an inventory of the toxic beliefs we received and the conditioning around the subject of work and income.
Since a very young age we have been taught that “making a living” is difficult. (By the way, this expression is to be banned from our vocabulary because we do not need to prove our right to exist, being born gives us the right to participate in life) This creates the belief that making money always involves suffering and hard work. Inevitably, our monthly salary can only come from an acitivity we dislike. Our salary is compensation for our suffering. Often this involves being at the service of the vision of someone else who is better at determining the value of our work. It is difficult to determine the value of our work when we are lead to believe that we don’t have the right or the skills to do so. We are not encouraged to be independent, but to “work” for a company or institution. When we decide to work for ourselves and create our own job, this often creates a feeling of being irresponsible. On top of that, there is often a sense of guilt about leaving the system in which you were educated to function, choosing something else for yourself than what you were prepared for. As if there were a lack of loyalty or even betrayal towards certain family values or societal values.

We entertain the idea that we don’t have the right to generate an income with our passion. Somehow this has to be reserved for the private sphere. This is the main reason why so many artists or self-employed people struggle. “Who am I to thrive when other people are suffering?” Who are we not to? If we have the opportunity to set a different example and open the door to more freedom, we should grab it with both hands. Generating an income with what you’re passionate about allows you to have the freedom to make the decisions and life choices that are consistent with your values and your vocation. When you lose your financial freedom, you lose with it the freedom to make your own choices and you will be forced to compromise.

Because let’s take a closer look at the alternatives to receiving a decent for your vocation:

A first option would be to take on a second job to support your material needs and keep your vocation as a secondary activity. And this is exactly what will happen. Your vocation will move to the background, become an afterthought in your life, until it eventually fades away. Because what’s the result of putting yourself into action in something that doesn’t suit you? You lose your energy, you spend your energy reserve because it is exhausting to do something that goes against your nature and you will have no energy left to fuel your true passion. What is the meaning of nurturing a system with which we no longer agree for most of our day? It is not consistent.

To be consistent, our professional activity needs to correspond to who we are, to be the physical or material translation of our soul mission. It is our inner alignment with our soul that determines whether we honor the sacred within us. The more our activities reflect our authentic being, the more our life finds a coherence with the sacred. It is therefore better to invest our energy fully in the activity in which we truly believe, which supports the sacred within us. Our vocation deserves the investment of the majority of our energy. In doing so we are conveying this message: our vocation is a priority for us, it is what has the most value in our lives.

The second option to be able to share our services free of charge or at very low fee would be to receive external financial support. This support can come from a financial allowance, a life partner or family. The problem with that is that it will always lead us to compromise. There is no such thing as free money, there is no free financial aid, something will always be expected in return. This money is not unconditional and will limit our freedom of choice and our movements. It’s impossible not to compromise our values and our truth when we are dependent upon someone else. Within a relationship there is the added difficulty of the imbalance that is created by one partner’s financial dependence on the other: a possible abuse of power (conscious or unconscious), a feeling of injustice and growing resentment in the partner who is the financial strength of the couple, and a lack of self-worth in the partner that is dependent on the other. Better avoid.

Last but not least: some people feel it is morally corrupt to receive money for activities that are connected to the divine or the sacred. If we think this, we have created a divide between the sacred and the non-sacred. This would mean that there is a separation between sacred and non-sacred activities, or things that are divine and things that are not divine. It’s OK to generate an income from non-divine activities (because money is dirty), but it’s not OK to generate an income from the divine. For me this separation is an illusion, the whole of creation is part of the divine. Nothing is “outside” of the sacred since everything originates from the same source. Our whole life, every action, every word, every gesture is an expression of the divine. It’s how we position ourselves in life at every moment that determines our degree of coherence with the divine, more than our actions.

Getting paid for your spiritual or conscious activities allows you to dedicate one hundred percent of your time to what you truly believe in and act without compromising your values or what you want to share with the world.

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