Free yourself from your fears

Your enemy is not on the outside, you create him on the inside. There is no danger, no illness, no imprisonment. Live with this consciousness and you will never have to worry about anything. Everything exists and nothing exists. You create your reality every day from the void. You manifest your house, furniture, your relationships, your activities from the void. At each moment you can decide to start a new cycle, a new creation. Each morning you can tell yourself: “Today is a new day”. What was true yesterday, doesn’t need to be nourished today, doesn’t automatically need to be reproduced. Only if you choose so. Of course, there are certain parts of your reality that have been created by the collective, but you are under no obligation to accept someone else’s creations, not to integrate and recreate them automatically in your reality. If you say to yourself, “This creation does not resonate with me, I don’t believe this to be true,” it does not have to be part of your reality, because once a belief, thought, habit or action has been anchored in your life, it will be a lot harder to relieve yourself of it then when you simply observe it and keep it at a distance. 

You are like a painter creating a masterpiece. You wouldn’t dare to add colour or images to the artwork of Gauguin, Kahlo, Chagall, so why would you accept other people to create realities for you? Especially if this reality is not making you happier, is not elevating you? 

All depends on the intention of your incarnation. If your wish and intention are to live freely and happily, then participating in the creation of something that moves in the opposite direction does not make any sense. If the society created by the collective corresponds to your desire, then you are right to participate in its creation. Cooperating to a collective creation, whether this is a society, a company, a community, make sense when this collective creation corresponds or aligns with your ideal reality. 

Today it has become possible to create what you want outside of the collective image. Everything, again, depends on your wishes and desires. Of this and your degree of inner freedom. What is the biggest fear preventing you from freely creating the masterpiece of your life? Are you afraid to lose face? To be excluded? To never receive recognition? To not be loved? To lose people? To be poor? To not be able to meet your basic needs? To be less good at something than someone else? To be criticised? To be desirable? To not be right? To make a mistake? 

The only thing that doesn’t exist, is an absolute truth. The only real truth is the divine, which is the same as life, which is the same as existence. A state of being that is beyond polarities, beyond thoughts, concepts, dogma, creative choice. It is the point from which everything emerges and the point to which everything returns. The all and the nothing. All the rest is ephemeral, the original creative frequency temporarily taking on a different shape, temporarily bending into a different wave pattern. The more this pattern, this newly created frequency, resembles the master frequency, the more alive it will be, the more primordial energy will be able to circulate through this newly created path. 
All of your creations are artificial, which does not mean they are “bad”. You simply create structures that hold frequencies. Your life is a temporary, artificial matrix through which the original frequency circulates, through which it is conducted. 

Do you want to live inside Munch’s “The Scream” or in a garden as painted by Monet? Your fears create narrow pathways that make it hard for life to circulate. What is your biggest fear? This is where the circuit is the narrowest? It can prove hard to directly address your biggest fear, like an unclimbable mountain, even if this mountain is a creation of illusion. But you have other fears you can address, other areas of your life that contribute to painting a creation of fear and limitation. Bring these areas back into flow, take away the dams and claim creative ownership over those areas and you will see that the river of life will automatically start to push against the biggest dam, the one that seemed impossible to break. 

It is essential for this work to be done while you are still in physical form, for the freedom that you give yourself during life, will determine the freedom of movement after death. In a way your material form is there to remind you of the first frequency that flows through you, the one that informs all the rest. For example you can ignore that your reality is a temporary illusion and you can choose to feed yourself with fear, you can feed your body with low frequencies. At a certain moment, however, your body will manifest an illness. Your material illusion is confronted with a vibrational truth: you nourish yourself with low frequencies so they manifested in your physical form. The purpose of your material form is to remind you of the divine. Even if you choose to be blind, life will find ways to show you truth, time after time, so you can claim your creative power again in a conscious way. After death, however, you no longer benefit of the blessing of the flesh, your spirit leaves your body to reunite with your soul. BUT, if the limiting structures are too powerful, if the temporary circuits are too anchored in fear, lack and darkness, your spirit will reside in a temporary matrix built by the energies and thought forms you created most during your lifetime, until it manages to free itself from this. Heaven or hell? The choice is yours.