More and more people feel an intense hunger for spiritual nourishment and wisdom. This hunger is ofcourse a metaphorical hunger of the soul for meaning and for purpose. When we finally get serious about taking care of our spiritual selves and listen to our souls, we are often spiritually famished. It is actually not uncommon for people to feel an actual physical hunger when doing spiritual work, or even to feel arousal.

How can connecting to my heart make me feel hungry, how can I feel aroused when connecting to the divine? Because your soul and spirit feels deprived and this results in a feeling of an unquenching thirst, an insatiable appetite or desire. We feel hungry when we connect to our heart because we feel the void of not entirely living from the heart, we feel desire when connecting to spirit, but this is not a desire for physical satisfaction but spiritual oneness.

Many of us know this feeling of hunger, we seek satisfaction by chasing meaningless goals; larger salaries, more wealth and material comfort, we need to be constantly entertained, seeking thrills through sexual conquests, we seek to escape our lives and ourselves by drinking or doing drugs. We binge on whichever behaviour or addiction we think will fill the hole, compulsively consuming to no longer feel hungry.

Only… this soul hunger cannot possibly be satiated by anything else but soulful living, taking care of our spiritual selves through meditation and self-exploration, committing to our healing journey and inner growth. This existential thirst is quenched by experiencing the divine within and without, by recognising the sacredness of life.

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