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Druid Path Retreat: Water, Air & Ether

25 July @ 10:00 - 31 July @ 17:00

The druid path consists of a series of 7 initiations, 7 portals that will take you on a journey to awaken the essence of the druid path inside of you and reconnect you to the ancestral knowledge of the elements, your energy centres and the underlying dynamic of life itself. You will travel through the wheel of life and at each new initiation you will deepen your self-knowledge and mastery, expand your abilities to communicate with the natural world and hear its guidance, fine-tune your connection to the invisible world and reawaken your ancestral connection to the planet and its ancient wisdom.

This the last activation of the Druid Path, which is organised as a week-long residential retreat (5 nights – 6 days) in which you will receive 3 initiations connected to the water, air and ether element to complete the cycle of the elements.


A very important part to the druid path is the connection to the land and the elements. This initiation is all about the connection and communication with the water element. And with the help and assistance of the great goddess Danu we will connect to the healing power of the water element and its inspirational presence and discover why sacred springs have such great importance for the druids.

Some of the things that are part of your initiation:

  • Connection to the water elementals
  • Exploration of the different aspects of the water element
  • introduction into word magic
  • water blessing ritual
  • discovery of the wheel of the year
  • word magic


A druid’s intimate connection and observation of the natural world opens him/her up to the in- visible world, a druid develops a different kind of sight and learns to see with the eyes of the spirit and the soul. This initiation will open you up to the gifts that’ll allow you to see beyond the veil of the world that is dominated by the 5 senses and help you develop your extrasensory capacities. 

Some of the things that are part of your initiation: 

  • Communication with the energy of the land and the spirit of sacred sites 
  • Ley line magic 
  • Dreamwork 
  • Third eye opening practices 
  • The ogham and other divination techniques 
  • Discovery of the wheel of the year 


Merlin was an arch druid, mage, magician, shape-shifter, his mastery of the different worlds was so strong that he travelled with ease between the worlds and became beyond definition. His initiation is that of moving beyond the shape of your former self. His teaching allows you to act and create in different dimensions, to start to master the elements and to influence and modify your physical reality through spiritual mastery. He will help you unlock the magical powers that are hidden within you. 

Some of the things that are part of your initiation: 

  • Communicating with the world of the Sidhe 
  • Receiving and integrating one of the sacred gifts of the Tuatha de Danann 
  • Mastering the gifts of the air element 
  • Learning about the essence of King Arthur 
  • Decoding elemental manifestations


Price: £700

For more information and/or to validate your participation, PLEASE WRITE TO US.


25 July @ 10:00
31 July @ 17:00
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