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Druid Path: Fire & Water

21 May @ 10:00 - 24 May @ 17:00

The druid path consists of a series of 7 initiations, 7 portals that will take you on a journey to awaken the essence of the druid path inside of you and reconnect you to the ancestral knowledge of the elements, your energy centres and the underlying dynamic of life itself. You will travel through the wheel of life and at each new initiation you will deepen your self-knowledge and mastery, expand your abilities to communicate with the natural world and hear its guidance, fine-tune your connection to the invisible world and reawaken your ancestral connection to the planet and its ancient wisdom.

This is the second activation of the Druid Path, during which you will receive 2 initiations.

Initiation 3: From bud to blossom 

This initiation is presided over by the god Bel. After igniting our inner hearth with Brigid, Bel will allow us to explore all the aspects of the bard. Assisted by the fairy king and queen Gwynn ap Nud and Epona, Bel will introduce us into the fairy realms, initiate us into the sacred art of storytelling, ignite our inner bonfire so that we can find new, different ways in which to express our true essence with beauty and diversity.

Some of the things that are part of your initiation:

  • Purification rituals
  • Inner child work
  • Connections to the fairy realms
  • Integration of one of the sacred gifts of the Tuatha de Dannan
  • Connection to flower spirits and essences
  • Discovery of the wheel of the year

Initiation 4: Meeting the Green Man

The green man is the sacred guardian of the treasure of humanity, he is the keeper of all ancestral knowledge and the secrets of man. The green man will initiate you to your inner, hidden secrets. He is the memory of this earth and holds the keys to the mysterious garden of eden. He will initiate you into the wisdom of the plant realm and allow you to become a keeper of the wisdom of the earth as well


Price: £400

For more information and/or to validate your participation, PLEASE WRITE TO US.


21 May @ 10:00
24 May @ 17:00
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