The divine feminine for me, is the doorway that allowed me to access my own divinity and that allowed me to tap into my spiritual consciousness.

Mabon Celtic Goddess - symbol for autumn equinox

Mabon Celtic Goddess – symbolising Autumn Equinox

In catholic-dominated Europe, the concept of the divine feminine was completely hidden from me. The divine feminine is mostly overlooked, or reduced to a facilitating role to the divine masculine at most. As a woman I felt betrayed by religion or spirituality as a whole and I could simply not conceive embarking on a quest for deeper understanding starting from a position of imbalance.

Spirituality started making sense to me when I became acquainted with the existence of the divine feminine and realised that there had always been a god-goddess dynamic in all ancient spiritual traditions, mirror images creating unity and harmony together.
The feminine aspect of divinity pulled everything back into balance for me and gave me the stable starting ground I needed for my journey into the mysteries of life.

Since I’ve come to explore and know the divine feminine, the goddess energy has become the driving force in my life. It is the information I needed to be able to experience balance and harmony in every aspect of my life.

Every now and then I meet women that fully incarnate the divine feminine. I recognise them instantly. A woman that incarnates the sacred feminine is a woman that stands out. Not because she is trying to distinguish herself from other women, but because many women have lost their connection to goddess energy and seem weaker as a result. It’s like they’re missing a piece of their puzzle and therefore are unable to access their full potential.

Kuan Yin - goddess of love and compassion

Kuan Yin – goddess of love and compassion by Zeng hao

A woman that incarnates the goddess is a woman that owns her power, her essence is strength but her actions are gentle and graceful. She is infinite and endless. She is mystery and she oozes her inner beauty and wisdom from every pore. She is divine mother, taking care of the earth and everything that lives there. She is the matrix that carries every other living being. She guides by her example with eyes that mirror the soul-essence of everyone that looks into them. She radiates, simply because she reflects the sum of all stars, she is the reflection of all of existence.

These knowledge-guardians and earth-healers feel a deep connection with each other. When they meet they instantly spark memories of their age-old shared history and they intuitively know that they share the path of the goddess. These encounters create connections that go beyond words, beyond distance and time.
These women are woven into the same web of connections, they share the colour of a similar soul-mission and they can easily communicate through telepathy. They instantly see with their mind’s eye what the women they’re connected to are feeling and experiencing. This means that every new connection potentially is an immense source of knowledge, support and joy. The transmissions that are received this way from the other women are treasured like delicate pearls and carefully set like precious gemstones in the shared fabric of space and time.

Moon goddess by Tsuyoshi Nagano

Moon goddess by Tsuyoshi Nagano

When a woman on the goddess path decides to wander off her path, however, her distress is felt by all the other women that share the web of connections with her. They feel the emotional and physical pain of a person that knowingly abandons her soul-mission. The connection will then naturally wither and as it fades, her information in the network becomes less and less tangible. Eventually the connection dissolves.
When this happens the memory of that woman is immersed in honey with infinite softness. Her memory is set in amber in the heart’s temples of the other women as she goes her own way and they set sail in different directions. Her path, short as it may have been, will not have been in vain for they all carry her legacy as they continue their journey.