The Pravaha Elixirs are aromatic symphonies rather than essential oils: they are blends of different essences, harmonized with sound and imbued with the energy of the spiritual guide each is dedicated to. They are blends of multiple pure plant and flower essential oils. The elixirs are above all used in olfactotherapy and have been conceived to accompany the soul of a person, more than heal their physical or emotional trauma.

The elixirs are made with the intention to bring more well-being and inner harmony to the people who benefit from them and accompany people on their path of personal evolution. They are a tool of the new world conceived to bring clarity to our path and help people identify their vocation and build the inner confidence to follow their calling.

More than a course, meeting the elixirs is an inner journey to the heart of the self. You will first get to know each of them deeply to share them in the most optimal way with the people that can find support in them.



  • Zoom on each of the elixirs and their specific qualities
  • How to use the elixirs in healing
  • How to reach a diagnostic with the elixirs
  • What Elixir to use in which situation
  • How to organise a group session with the elixirs

Anaïs & Jean-Baptiste and the Elixirs

We have developed the elixirs in October 2016 in collaboration with Mikael Zayat in Canada, following a real calling of our heart and soul. We had met Mikael one year prior to that for the first time while we were travelling around the world, a journey dedicated to the exploration of consciousness and the reconnection to the sacred sites of this planet. We were travelling through South America when we felt a sudden calling to go to Canada.

Very soon after arriving on Canadian soil our intuition was validated when we met an Egyptian-Canadian alchemist who created aromatic symphonies and who would turn out to be a key figure in our journey and our lives. He offered to create an elixir together and this is when our first elixir “Anna” was born. For one year it travelled with us, unveiling its secrets as we went along, and we discovered the beneficial effects it had and its energetic quality. We started to really understand the potential of this elixir and as we did, 8 other elixirs started to emerge in our spirit. We saw them as the perfect solution to make the energy of the sacred sites we had travelled to and the guides that accompanied us on our journey available to a larger public.

The Elixirs in Glastonbury


Glastonbury is a place of alchemy thanks to the presence of two sacred spring, one red and one white and the powerful energy of the land. One of the most illustrious abbots of Glastonbury Abbey, Saint Dunstan, was a great alchemist who built his laboratory on the grounds of the abbey and who wrote one of the most important treatises on alchemy that inspired the famous alchemists of Prague. What would be a better place to connect to the elixirs ?

The Elixirs in short


  • Each elixir is made with a ritual in a Canada and then re-energised in Glastonbury
  • They are called aromatic symphonies rather than essential oils because they are blends of different essences, harmonized with sound
  • The difference between other essences and the Pravaha elixirs is that they were created to act on a soul-level. They reconnect people to their subconscious selves, to their soul and their life’s path.
  • Each elixir is accompanied by the energy of the guide that accompanies the client and therapist during the use of the oil
  • 7 elixirs correspond to the 7 main chakras, 2 elixirs correspond to the subtle bodies, 3 elixirs correspond to principles of the new world


I have the complete set of Elixirs, the last one “awakening” just arrived this morning! They accompany me on a daily basis. I pick the one that I feel will help me that day or I randomly pick one, it depends on the day. I sometimes smell them, sometimes I just carry them with me, sometimes I put a drop on the chakra. I can really feel the energetic shift when I carry one with me

– Emmanuelle

They are just magical ! Before my massages, I let my client pick an elixir, eyes closed, and each time I am amazed with the precision of the answer that the elixir offers to the problem or question of my client. They are of an exceptional energetic quality.

– Isabelle

I discovered the elixirs two years ago now, and since then they’ve accompanied me personally and professionally, in my practice: women’s circles, workshops, olfactory meditations, energy healing… I feel them as beautiful allies, subtle and powerful at the same time! Thank you Anais and Jean-Baptiste for these treasures!

– Frédérique

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