The integration of the Egyptian pantheon allows us to reassemble the pieces of our inner worlds and build a new framework for understanding what is happening in the world and where we are heading. We (re)learn how to connect our inner/outer experiences, weave a connection between our past, present and future and start to integrate a state of unity and move away from the illusion of separation.

This path of initiation is a path that reconnects us to our power and full potential. The Egyptian pantheon helps us reintegrate our solar self and awaken the radiance of the heart. It is a path of alchemical transformation, first on the inside by removing the obstacles that diminish our light and by reintegrating all the different parts of ourselves, and then on the outside by transforming our lives thanks to the source of strength that we found within. It is an essential integration for those who want to understand and start to master the process of creating their own reality.

The mystery school is an online teaching that contains video content, meditations and a written course content. You will receive the activations and go through the content and exercices at your own pace and there will be a sharing group where you can ask your questions and share your experiences with the other participants.

Elements of the mystery school: Level 1 & 2


The mystery school is a teaching of which the first two levels are organised online and a third is proposed on the sacred sites in Egypt. The first two level of the mystery school are made up of:

  • Rituals and invocations
  • Activations
  • Guided meditations
  • Exploration of the egyptian symbolism and the mythology
  • Connection and integration of the main gods/goddesses of the Egyptian pantheon: Shu, Tefnut, Geb, Nut, Isis, Osiris, Nephthys, Hathor, Horus, Toth, Anubis, Sekhmet, Bast, etc.
  • Written content
  • Video content (10-15 per level)

The relevance of the mystery school today

In this initiation we revisit the past to better understand our future. We will pierce into pre pharaonic egypt and pre-dynastic Egypt, the Egypt of the temples and pyramids, the Egypt of abundance and harmony before ego and chaos took over in the world. Reconnecting to the Egyptian mystery school awakens and reactivates the consciousness of a people that built their monuments with the greatest precision leaving behind a most precious heritage. By travelling across time and space we awaken the magnificent destiny of humanity which is a destiny of unity with the divine and harmony on earth.

Journey in Egypt: Level 3


During this third level of the Egyptian mystery school we put into practice what we learned in the first two levels and practice Egyptian high alchemy in the temple of Egypt.

During our 11 day expedition, we will travel to the main sacred sites of Egypt: Saqqarah, the pyramids of Gizeh, Luxor, Karnak, Dendera, Abydos, Thebes, the valley of the kings, Hatchepsut’s temple, Edfu, Kom Ombo, Philae, Abou Simbel and some surprises along the way. We will spend half of our journey on a beautiful Dabahiya boat navigating in between the temples on the Nile river, taking in the beauty of the Egyptian countryside and enjoying the starry nights. We will enjoy private access to the temple of the goddess Hathor in Dendera to receive her abundance codes and organize a sacred ritual inside of the great pyramid of Gizeh.

In between our visits to the temples we will have time to integrate and relax and practice meditation and other practices to help us prepare our energy body to open and receive the gifts of the great temples.

Practical information on the Egyptian mystery school


  • There are 3 levels to the Egyptian mystery school
  • The first 2 levels of the mystery school are online teachings
  • You will move through the content at your own pace and in an autonomous way
  • There will a be a sharing group available to you


“For the first time
I made love to a forest,
In its multitude of essences, textures, sounds,
For the first time
Every time my feet touch the ground of the island of the two dragons

For the first time
I’m ascending my throne,
With the consciousness of loving everyone.
For the first time
Like every time my feet touch the earth of the island and this house.

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