Far from the cliché of the bearded hermit, these initiations create connection. Druidry is a very universal science and spiritual tradition that rebuilds the bridge between different aspects of our lives and reality and teaches us how to take our place in the collective as a catalyst of harmony. For the druids there was no separation between the internal and external world, between micro-cosmos and macro-cosmos. By studying the rhythms of nature, the essence of trees, plants and flowers, by feeling into the dynamic of the elements, we equally embark on an inner journey, exploring all our different dimension and bringing back the movements of our life back into flow.

It’s like we lost the language of life a little bit and the druid path helps us remember the secret code that allows us to understand how to live in harmony on this earth.



  • Rituals of the Wheel of Life (solstices, equinoxes, and the 4 great fire festivals)
  • Mythology of the Tuatha de Dannan
  • Tree cosmology and the ogham
  • A profound exploration of the chakras
  • Intuitive communication with the natural realms
  • Intuitive communication with the invisible worlds


Even if we have always been fascinated with celtic culture and traditions and we already followed the druid calendar of the wheel of the year, our initiation really started with our decision to get married. The choice of a druidic ceremony was logical for us: we were looking to add a sacred element to our wedding, within a tradition that emphasized a connection to nature and that was rooted in the fundamental equality between masculine and feminine energies.

This is when we entered into contact with Kano, the great druid who was going to wed us and who helped us prepare for our union over a period of a year and a half where we received intensive initiations into the druidic energy and philosophy. This path changed our lives for the better: it was the starting point of a process of alignment where anything that wasn’t in harmony with our true essence disappeared from our lives and we embarked on a real quest for meaning and purpose in every aspect of our lives.

This is what we feel like sharing today, this path of physical, emotional and spiritual health. A simple path that opens to a vaster and more effervescent reality….



 Of all the Celtic lands Great Britain is amongst those that best preserved the Celtic heritage. Thanks to the preservation of important historical sites in the region of Glastonbury, such as the stone circle of Stonehenge and Avebury, the Celtic spirit was able to live on and knows a real rebirth today. At the heart of the community of Glastonbury, life follows the pace of the seasons and the Celtic holidays and the druidic sacred sites are honoured as important places of pilgrimage. As one of the most important ritualistic sites for the druids in ancient times, it is the perfect place to reconnect to the essence of this sacred path.


    Practical information on the Druid Path


    • There are 7 initiations that are part of the druid path – 7 portals connected to the 7 chakras
    • In between initiations you will participate in rituals and keep a “journal” to document your progress and continue to learn


    “For the first time
    I made love to a forest,
    In its multitude of essences, textures, sounds,
    For the first time
    Every time my feet touch the ground of the island of the two dragons

    For the first time
    I’m ascending my throne,
    With the consciousness of loving everyone.
    For the first time
    Like every time my feet touch the earth of the island and this house.

    For the first time
    The green man is joining me in the waters
    In between the leaves
    To teach me that my body is continent
    Half immersed, half engulfed
    Moving in between worlds.
    For the first time
    Like every time my feet touch the earth of the island on which Joseph put down his staff.

    It is the first time
    that I feel as strongly, as powerfully
    The love of the one that I have been hearing about since childhood
    But whom I never really felt
    In his clothes of man
    I knew of the lightning of his spirit
    But his envelopping presence, clarifying
    Such love
    The love of a man…
    It is the first time
    Like every time my feet touch the earth of the island of forgiveness.

    The island of the lance
    The island of the lamp
    The island of the hearth
    Where I put down my feet
    In my own steps
    Following my own traces
    Earth of unity
    In between time
    In between bodies
    Red thread, white thread

    This is the first tome
    Each time
    Since the beginning of time


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