I’ve been getting questions about 5G and how I feel about this and I decided to share a message that I received from the dolphins of the Red Sea about a year ago. Dolphin communication is telepathic communication, they don’t necessarily communicate with sound (although they definitely can make a lot of noise 🙂 ), they mostly communicate with frequencies and the projection of images. I’ve been communicating with them for a couple of years and have come to see them as an important resource on the subject of planetary consciousness and as masters of heart-centred living and being.

To situate the context, we have been taking groups to visit the dolphins of Egypt for years and really see these encounters as important opportunities for learning. The dolphins remind us of our true nature, but beyond this they reconnect us to the power of the heart and profound healing and opening happens for the people that are part of the group each time we go there.

Last year I started noticing a difference in the dolphins, they were more tired and I could feel that some of the dolphins were physically unwell. At repeated occasions, while we were swimming with the group (of humans), meeting a group of dolphins, one of the dolphins would separate me from the group and ask me to follow him. Every time, the dolphin I was following would take me to another dolphin that was lying motionless on the ocean floor and I could feel that they asked me to help this dolphin and do healing on this dolphin. I would stay with the dolphin, send my healing energy until it started moving again and swam off. This greatly distressed me, I love the dolphins and see them as family and it was upsetting to see them in this state. So I started asking questions. What happened? Why were they feeling exhausted? My first thought was that it was because of pollution of the water, an increase of tourism and visitors that was tiring them out. Maybe we should stop visiting them?

Here is what they had to say:

“ We get a lot of joy from meeting the people here, we love getting the chance to feel different energies. This allows us to help humanity in their healing process, to open their hearts so the people that come here are less toxic for their environment when they go back home.
Our encounters with you allow us to study you, to feel you, to see in which way humanity evolves and it allows us to contribute to what is happening in your world, to contribute to this new world that is emerging. This is how we stay up to date on how things are going on the earth. We communicate with whales and dolphins from other parts of the world, but we don’t have the same access to the beings that live on the earth. The humans that come here allow us to access that. We read them like libraries, and we see what happened in their lives, the memories they carry, the places they went. We are amazed and marvel at the great variety of experiences that you have and the variety that exist amongst human beings.

What we suffer from most is the lack of consciousness of some humans and of their closed hearts. If you want to do something to make our lives better, it is to open your hearts and help each other, to act with the knowledge that everything is connected, that individuals act from and towards the whole. Or as you would put it, you can lay down the arms and live in peace.
It would make no difference for us if things were better here in the Red Sea but the same wouldn’t be true for other places in the world. We will suffer as long as our brothers and sisters in the seas or on the earth suffer. Humanity has become very good at dividing reality up, at putting it into different boxes and territories, but these borders don’t exist for us. Everything is part of a whole, everything is united and until EVERYTHING is doing better, we will feel it and suffer the consequences. »

This made a lot of sense to me, but it didn’t explain why they were doing so much worse than the previous year. This is when they told me that it wasn’t the health of the planet, but the health of humanity that had strongly deteriorated and that was putting a lot more pressure on them and making them tired.

Dolphins are beings of higher consciousness. They have agreed to stay on this earth and help humanity access higher consciousness, assist them in their evolution. When they come into contact with human beings, they automatically start healing them and send out healing frequencies to harmonise the human’s body, mind, spirit. A big part of their healing work is opening and expanding the heart space, but the other major part of their “work” is that they open and activate the pineal gland. The pineal gland is our spiritual “antenna”, activating it gives us access to our extrasensory capacities, to our intuition, to our multidimensionality. Accompanying our awakening consciousness, the pineal glands of a lot of human beings have been strongly activating over the last couple of years after a long time of being inactive, lying dormant.

“Something has been put into place that is closing down human beings’ pineal glands. Their organisms are experiencing a lot of stress, especially the brain. Humanity is experiencing an “attack” of negative frequencies and as a protective measure, the pineal gland that is very sensitive to frequencies and vibrations, is closing up again or in some cases shutting down.
Since a couple of months, we have to put a lot more energy into our healing work. It takes longer, requires more energy and more effort to reactivate the pineal gland because of the armour building up around it to protect it against this new energetic pollution.”

What they showed me as being the source of this “attack” was a network of aggressive waves and frequencies, a negative frequency grid being activated all over the earth, lowering the vibration and vital energy of most of the people living on the earth.

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