Dolphins are very profound beings and great healers. If dolphins appear to you in your dreams or thoughts or their presence crosses your path in a recurrent way, they probably have a message to convey to you. They are powerful catalysts of profound healing and are an important connection for people who are committed to their personal ascension process.

Joy & playfulness

Dolphins are playful creatures, they approach life as a game, spending big parts of their day playing games with each other and having fun. If dolphins appear to you, this might mean you need to lighten up, stop worrying or taking life too seriously and be more playful, allow yourself to have more fun and unwind. Dolphins have the unique ability to reconnect us to our inner child so we can change our vision and look at the beauty of life again, see life as one big adventure and just take it as it comes, just like we used to do when we were children.

Community and unconditional love

Dolphins have a very strong sense of community. They all look out for each other, they live in harmonious groups. Sometimes the whole dolphin pod acts as one unique being and consciousness, sometimes their individual characters really shine through. Dolphin medicine can help bring harmony in a group or in relationships as they allow for all communication to flow from the heart, their energy brings understanding, patience and support to any kind of group dynamic.


Dolphins are master healers. Another meaning of dolphin energy appearing on your path might be that you are in need of healing and that you need to care of yourself before being able to take the next step in your unique journey. Sometimes we go through painful experiences or emotional trauma that leave holes or injuries in our heart. For a human being to function properly, on a physical, energetic and spiritual level, having a healthy heart is essential. Dolphins heal the human heart like no others, so when you feel you carry injuries in your heart centre, you can call upon dolphin energy to help you heal and become fully functional again. Or maybe you are a born healer and the dolphin spirit animal calls upon you to step into your role as a healer.

Telepathic communication

Dolphins communicate through sound waves and telepathy. Their communication is instantaneous and spontaneous and they have a much wider range of “language” than us, communicating with sounds, shapes, images, colours, thoughts and emotions. We used to share this ability to communicate beyond the confines of spoken and written language through our telepathic capacities. Dolphin energy and medicine can help us reconnect to these abilities and develop our telepathic communication skills, or psychic communication skills as we tend to call them today.


Dolphins are very much associated with the birthing process and if you feel a strong attraction to dolphins, this can mean you are going through a personal rebirthing process or life is preparing you to give birth. Dolphins are very much accompanying the ascension process of the earth because they show us how to live from the heart instead of the mind, they are precursors who are already (or still) living in heart-centred paradigm. Connecting to dolphin energy gives us the courage to live from the heart unconditionally.

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