The meaning of the guru

Guru is a Sanskrit word that means master, teacher, spiritual guide. The word suggests a capacity to transform shadow into light, to spark an alchemical process of transformation. The guru was a person that spread and shared a certain knowledge and wisdom that he gathered through different experiences in his earthly life or his different cycles of incarnation.

In the west we perverted the meaning of the word guru and we made it represent a dishonest and manipulating person that tries to exercise a certain influence on a number of people to extract personal benefit in the form of fortune, power or the glorification of his ego.
We could perceive this perversion of the guru as a great tragedy, but I think it gives us some interesting information. The fact that we symbolically killed the guru by stripping him of any hint of common sense tells us something about the direction humanity is taking as a whole.

What exactly was the purpose of the great masters such as Jesus, Buddha, Marie-Magdalene, Quan Yin, etc? They incarnated on this earth to open our minds, open up our possibilities and show us, through their guiding example, that humans are without limits when they preserve their connection to the divine (or to the universe depending on the preferences).

When we look beyond their incarnation and their shape, we will see that they came here to represent a certain energy on this planet. An energy that wasn’t easily available to the majority of humans before their existence on this earth. Their actions and words helped us better understand their vision of reality and what they were feeling and experiencing, but the essence of who they are does not lie in their actions, but in the being and the energy they represent. It is their energy that opened up the possibilities on this planet and that sowed the seeds for a more conscious human civilisation.

In a way, they prepared the terrain and planted the seeds that we are about to harvest. These seeds are now creating a reality in which we no longer need gurus, we no longer need people that guide us and take us by the hand, because the lanterns that will enable each and everyone of us to perceive our path, have already been lit. Harvesting the fruit of their labour means that we no longer need to blindly study their lives and follow “their” teachings, for this information has been encoded in the whole of humanity and the earth and is readily available at any given moment. Today we are supposed to incarnate these energies, to become the living vessels of these energies and be our own master.

The era of liberation

We don’t need more people to admire and look up to (also because adoration was never the intention of any true master), but we desperately need people we can recognise ourselves in and motivate us to follow their example. This need is coherent with the fact that we entered the era of liberation. All of our current circumstances are pushing us to become aware of the fact that we no longer need to be led and that we have the capacities to organise and help each other out in such a way that every person can experience abundance and fluidity. We are not lacking resources on this planet, nor money, we have plenty, what we are lacking are solidarity and freedom.

And yet, we’ve never seen more gurus emerge then now and this is not in the original interpretation of the word, but in the perverted sense of the word. I don’t see any difference between a leader of a cult that extracts money and admiration from his followers and a politician that feels like he is above the majority of people, that gains power through false promises to raise his salary at the same rate he raises taxes for the people he is supposed to serve or a company manager that turns company policy into a cult to his ego, like he was God’s gift to mankind, only to gingerly lower everyone’s salary the same day he purchases his second yacht.

In spite of all this evidence, people’s first instinct when losing one of their gurus (real or not real) is to immediately adopt another one. This is understandable, for we’ve been living in an unbalanced situation for so long now, creating situations wherein the majority of the population is under the influence of a small part of the population made up out of kings, noblemen, the clergy, parents, men, intellectuals, politicians, rich people, etc. that we nearly forgot about the enormous potential that each of us holds.

We are awakening from our illusions, both the people who think they need to dominate and the people who think they have to be dominated, and are starting to realise that the imbalance and inequality that exists in the world is just part of one big theatre show and that the rules of the game can be changed in the blink of an eye.
The fact that the new gurus exist is because there are still people who think they need them. This is what explains that instead of trusting our own capacities and judgement, we rush to elect a new “guru” every time another one falls from grace.

Only deception can come from putting our personal power in the hands of someone else. Time after time, our confidence will be broken. You cannot expect someone else to represent every aspect of yourself, you are the only person qualified to do that. This is what causes all the disillusions that we see today and that manifest through different movements such as “Occupy Wall Street” and the “Indignados”.
Many people that used to have blind confidence in the politico-industrial complex start to identify and manifest their disagreement. They are no longer in accord with the life that is being offered or imposed upon them. They don’t have any clue about what they want or what kind of lifestyle would better suit them, but knowing what you don’t want is the first step towards creating what you do want.

The emancipation of humanity

We are in a transitional period where many people are still feeling around in the dark. The key towards more freedom is to stop looking for replacements for the powers that be, because it is not by changing the values or the identity of the group that holds the power that we could possibly justify the fact that a tiny group of people decides the faith of the majority of the population. The key is to look for solutions inside ourselves and to stop looking for them on the outside.

We need to collectively mourn the concept of the guru to be able to move on towards a different way of living together. No harmony can come from an imbalanced situation. It’s simple: no situation can be balanced by maintaining the imbalance. We need to let go. Let go of the notion of guardianship and become responsible earthlings, in the spirit of equality and mutual respect and start behaving like adults.

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