Often, when people think about druids, they imagine an elderly man with a white beard, wearing a white robe, holding a long wooden stick in his hand. For many people, Druidry is something that belongs to the domain of ancient myths and fairytales. Even though Druidry is an important part of the history of Celtic lands and of the majority of today’s European territory, for most Europeans Druidry remains very abstract and druids are a thing of the distant past.

What if I told you that Druidry is still very much alive today and is even going through a true revival? Does this mean we will see an increase in numbers of bearded men wearing long robes?
Not really. Druidry is being expressed in a more contemporary way, offering a philosophical and spiritual framework that respects and integrates traditional values and transmissions, in a way that serves the needs of the world we live in today. The contemporary druid is on a quest of transformation of the self. He or she is a seeker of truth, walking a path of simplicity, balance and harmony. Contemporary Druidry fulfils a growing demand for more common sense and authenticity. The quest of the druid is to filter out the superfluous and superficial, to deconstruct illusions and false beliefs and reconnect to the essence of all things. The reason for the recent revival of Druidry is because it corresponds to the needs of many westerners today.

For the inhabitants of the European continent, reconnecting to Druidry allows them to reconnect to their ancestral roots. Just like a plant can’t grow without roots, a human being without roots can’t thrive either. Remembering this ancestral transmission born on the European continent offers a powerful antidote to the disconnection caused by a culture of blind industrialisation. Druidry allows us to reconstruct a dialogue with the earth and weave connections between the outside world and our inner realms. It’s by studying, observing and above all by feeling the world that surrounds them that druids acquire their knowledge on the inner workings of the human being, the universe and reality.
In a time where it becomes painfully urgent to restore the balance between masculine and feminine energies, Druidry reminds us that the balance we find so hard to obtain is already present in the natural order of life. Both energies are equally important to maintain harmony in the cosmos. This is why, the druid who fulfilled a role of wisdom keeper, healer, counsellor and spiritual guide in a community, who organized rituals and facilitated communication with the invisible world, could be either male or female. The masculine path and the feminine path representing distinct energies, emerging from the same universal source and leading back to that source equally.

The path of the druid automatically awakens environmental consciousness because of the deeply engrained respect of the natural world. It teaches how to be present during every single moment of life, how to bring consciousness to each of our actions and respect the rhythms of the seasons by introducing these same cyclical patterns in our own lives (for example by celebrating the seasonal rituals and adapting our lives to the dynamic of the wheel of the year). The druid integrates the natural scheme of life perfectly, instead of trying to manipulate the original course of life to adapt it to his/her own agenda and personal will.

Druidry honours the beauty and sacredness of life, in a non-religious, but deeply spiritual way. It is a non-dual spiritual tradition that doesn’t separate the divine from the material world, but that puts the divine at the heart of life, recognising and honouring its presence in every person, animal, plant, every element that is part of our existence. Each of the elements, water-earth-fire-air-ether, brings its own gifts and needs to be expressed equally in our creations. Each human being has a very specific gift to bring and has a right to exist on equal ground with the rest of humanity.

The intention of the druid is to live in peace with the world that surrounds them, without adding to the chaos or causing harm or destruction. The contemporary druid is not seeking to escape reality, on the contrary, it is through careful observation and understanding of the dynamic of life that he/she seeks to contribute actively to the creation of beauty and harmony in the world.
It is a path of mastery that implies that we become entirely responsible for our actions and decisions, being conscious of the interconnectedness of all things and understanding our role and impact on the world. In an era where more and more people are becoming conscious of the fact that we hugely complicated life and that human ego has distorted the natural order of the world, the simplicity of the path of the druid is very refreshing. It is a path of humility, as every druid is an eternal student continuing to learn all throughout life, curious about all teachings and domains that expand their understanding and seeing the whole world and everything in it an abundant source of teachings.

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