Sacred Feminine

Sacred Feminine

The chalice and the sword

Spiritual awakening in the era of Aquarius, can’t happen without initiation into the ways of the sacred feminine. For like the human self that is birthed through the feminine birth canal, so is the spiritual self birthed through the canal of the goddess. Without this initiation our acquired spiritual wisdom remains just more knowledge, valuable in itself, but lacking the embodiment of the higher self that comes from…

Sacred Feminine

The dance of the goddess

The paths of the feminine and the masculine are different, they are equal, but express themselves in a different form. They take different itineraries to reach the same destination. Over the course of history, the idea was created that in order to achieve our goals, we necessarily needed to adhere to the masculine way. To succeed in life, many women and men for whom the masculine way wasn’t…

Sacred Feminine

Mary Magdalenes consciousness

Mary Magdalene evolved from a completely unknown character to the main compass in my life. During quite some time she was the lantern that lit my path, of unconditional support. Now, I can feel her as much on the inside as on the outside. She is no longer just an idea or a vague historical personality, she’s an energy, a consciousness that moves within me. I don’t have…

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Reclaiming Medusa

I met Medusa in Istanbul. I came eye to eye with her in the basilica cisterns and she didn’t turn me to stone, but she left a lasting impression nonetheless. Istanbul is a majestic city housing some truly magnificent sites and buildings, but the most intriguing of places is the basilica cistern, a huge underground water collecting basin, right in the heart of the city, just across the…

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Return to harmony

We live in an imbalanced and chaotic world which we’ve artificially created over the centuries. One of the symptoms of this chaos is that men and women started behaving in imbalanced and unnatural ways. There are men who use their power to conquer and destroy, their intellectual capacities to deceive, subjugate, dominate and exploit and women that use their bodies and essence to attract attention or manipulate, that…

Sacred Feminine

Chronicles of the Earth: Mary Magdalene

This is a special “Easter” edition, in the spirit of renewal and rebirth. Let’s revive and honour the memory of Jesus by honouring Mary Magdalene alongside him. Because it is only like this, by acknowledging the masculine AND the feminine that we can be reborn and go back to harmony. This is a first video on this subject, others will follow.

Sacred Feminine

What is a priestess?

Since I’ve come to the land of Avalon, I’ve reclaimed the word “priestess”, but what exactly does this mean? To me, being a priestess means to be of service to a community and to a higher power by listening to the voice of the earth, make the voices of our feminine ancestors heard, help make the world more beautiful and hold space for people to reconnect to their…