[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]At the bottom of this article I shared the song “Warrior” by Aurora with you because I feel that it resonates so strongly with what is happening in the world today (and coincidentally, Aurora is also the name I chose for the sacred feminine retreats I organise). The song tells the story of a girl who feels disillusioned by the world, she feels the weight of the suffering of the world on her shoulders and she builds a cage to hide in and try to forget the world. The only problem is… hiding doesn’t work and she becomes even more unhappy. And then, in a moment of despair, she is reminded of the light that burns inside of her and she regains courage, she decides to confront the world and to pour all her love in it. She becomes a warrior of love.

The song touched me because it also resonates deeply with my own story, I was this girl, four years go, when I hit my breaking point and when I felt the suffering of the world, truly, for the very first time. I cried for 3 days and 3 nights and felt submerged by the waves of suffering that were rushing towards me from different continents and from over multiple centuries, that were felt by different species and civilisations and that crashed into me. I saw the world, for the first time in my life, as it was, with all its imbalances and all its chaos. In the end, this breaking point turned out to be my awakening and it helped me break out of my cocoon and regain my freedom.

Everything that is currently happening in the world, all the injustice that causes outrage in people, is nothing new, these injustices have been going on for centuries, millennia even, devouring our societies from the inside out and making people’s hearts wither. We are born in injustice and we all experienced it and even contributed to it in other lifetimes and other eras. The world is not just going through a rough patch, we are witnessing all the accumulated lies, injustice, imbalance, abuse, unspoken and hidden truths surface, finally. Like an erupting volcano that is there to make people react, to shake us up, to wake us up. Things become more visible, more exaggerated and cartoon-like so that we can no longer deny the world can’t continue like this. This time, things will not go back “to normal”, they will become even more grotesque, even more visible, even more shocking and people will feel like they’re under pressure, they will feel hardship and pain, until… everyone reaches their breaking point and the will for freedom and love wins from fear of the unknown and the urge to go to battle, until building our own prison, our own cocoon to hide from the world will no longer be possible, will no longer be an option.

What is happening now is a wake-up call, we are waking up from the illusion of powerlessness and we are reminded of the fire that burns in our core and that was slowly dying out. If the urge to go to battle suddenly takes a hold of you, the urge to fight the evil in the world, just realise that all the anger you are feeling is directed towards yourself. Know that you are angry with yourself for not having listened to your soul, for having fallen asleep, for having accepted people telling you what to do, how to act, how to live, for not having believed in your dreams, for having buried your passions, for having believed you were unable to this or that, for having believed you were powerless.

All the distractions that are created, all the controversy and the conflict that is going on on the outside, I can still see it, I don’t close my eyes to it, but I see all of this as a theatre show, a bad one for that matter. All of this drama belongs to the old paradigm, the paradigm of the mind. I choose not to feed my energy into this paradigm, it no longer holds any importance to me, I see these events as the remnants of a world that no longer exists, that is no longer relevant. I already moved to another dimension, the dimension that thinks and acts from the heart and that is building a new world as we speak. We are going through a paradigm shift, we are transitioning from a paradigm that is created by the mind, to a paradigm that is created by the heart. We are faced with the choice of feeding our energy into the old paradigm with our support or our anger (there is no real difference, both are energy) and contribute to its survival, or move on to another dimension, the dimension that is created from the heart, where conflict doesn’t exist and where we can become, once again, divine beings.

This divine state of being is not some abstract notion to me, it is something that I experience. These last couple of years I went on a journey around the world and I journeyed inside myself. This pilgrimage transformed me in a profound way, it brought me closer to myself and at certain moments of my journey I was able to feel a real divine presence inside circulating through me. The more I let go of things, the more I trusted myself and was able to leap into the unknown when life asked this of me, the more I felt free. And then, as I travelled along my path, I started to notice that my fears were disappearing, my doubts evaporating, so that I could become entirely myself, without compromise, without excuses. The state of grace that I initially only felt during my meditations, connections and rituals became more and more of a presence throughout my daily life. I reconnected to my source, I aligned my life to who I am on the inside and I’ve awakened my divine presence in the process.

During the recent ritual of Imbolc, this new state of being became really dawned on me. I realised that there is no longer a separation between myself and my divine presence, there is no more coming-and-going between my daily life and my moments of meditation or connection. When I made the connection to Brigid’s energy, I felt I was her and she was me. I knew I incarnate this goddess now, my inner goddess that lay dormant inside of me and I noticed that the doubts or the disturbances that were still present inside of me from time to time, have been replaced over time with an unbreakable self-confidence and an inner strength that keeps on growing and expanding. I share my experience with you, not to make you marvel at my achievements, but to open this door to you as well, to open up this possibility for you. This state of being, beyond all fear, doubt and anger is naturally there when we are at the right place in life, when we become who we really are. And that can only be done by leaving the dimension of the mind and entering the dimension of the heart.

– photo by Averie Woodard

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