Brain for hire?

If you want to develop your intuition, it’s important to be able to clear your mind from time to time. Every day you are bombarded with information all of the time. It’s in the best interest of your family, friends, colleagues, bosses, neighbours, lovers, to make you adhere to their ideas, even if this happens subconsciously. Reassure yourself, you are no different. 🙂 And this is even more so with your government, brands trying to sell you their goods, the people in charge that would like to maintain the status-quo; for their financial superiority and their status of power depend on you. All day you receive “information” from them, actually opinions in disguise, through publications, radio, television, words, conversations, images, adverts…

If you take into account that there are no major independent media left today, you might start to raise some questions about those ideas that you are sold during the day.

Personnally, I have been living without television for years now. Sure, it was a choice motivated more by the aesthetics of the device at first, but it became a choice for life and for which I thank myself every day. In my opinion, every human being is born with a perfect knowledge of what is right for him. You can call that intuition, instinct… You just have to allow it to work. You have to allow it to develop and to do that, you have to clear your mind from time to time. The more you will discard external sources of “information”, the more your inner voice will make itself heard: “This seems right to me”, “This doesn’t seem to be correct to me.” Let this voice grow, it will gain in strength, it will become an affirmative voice that will provide answers with certainty and that has the potential to become a real guide, a real force of evolution in your life. And, as opposed to external sources, it is the only voice that is right for you, that can show you the way to live, that can guide you on the road to happiness.

Why throw away your television?

When do you watch the television? In the evening, at the end of a long day of work that left you exhausted. You are tired and you only want one thing: de-connect your brain. Here’s the hitch: in stead of clearing your mind, you fill yourself with “information” of external sources. In the evening you are bombarded with images that are trying to sell you, convince (con+vince=vaincre=win) you of their ideas. You pollute yourself with the ideas of others, only to repeat these ideas as if they were yours, to take on a behaviour that isn’t yours either.

And then you tell me: “I don’t have any intuition; It doesn’t work with me.” Yes it does! Everybody has it, but you have to make place for your inner voice to be heard! When you get home in the evening, relax: take a bath, read something you have selected, have a cup of tea with your beloved to talk over your day, write, meditate, play with the kids… Do something that will nourish you in stead of polluting you. You will be a happier person for it.