This past weekend I had my first Brahm Kavach experience. The Brahm Kavach is a Sikh warrior mantra written and received by the last Sikh guru Gobind Singh. I was invited to join in chanting this mantra for 40 hours in a beautiful ashram in the French Alps by my friends, an experienced and respected kundalini yoga teacher and his partner an experienced and wonderful Hatha yoga teacher.

I am not a yogi and I have no experience with the Sikh philosophy, but I’m a big believer in being open to other spiritual paths and always eager to learn. The word Sikh means “disciple”. Sikhs abide by 3 sacred principles: meditating on the name of the god, earning a living by honest means and sharing the fruits of their labour with others. Sikhs reject class and caste systems, believe women and men are equal and value service to humanity. They see themselves as protectors of human rights, freedom and justice.

The Brahm Kavach is a mantra dedicated to all the aspects of the mother goddess, of the divine feminine in all her power, glory, beauty, compassion and benevolence AND in all her fierceness, fieriness, explosiveness. It is a very powerful mantra, honouring ALL aspects of the divine feminine, so the destructive powers alongside the life-giving power, the feminine God-aspect in its totality. So even though I’m not a yogi, I do know about devotion, today my life is devoted to what I perceive and feel to be my divine purpose and honouring the divine and the goddess aspect of the divine is part of every aspect of my life and journey. So my soul was more than happy to participate in this experience and loved every second of it. It so nourishing to take an entire weekend dedicated to honouring what you value most in life. Through devotion and service to the divine without you serve and strengthen the divine within yourself. I felt that this kind of practice, that tests the boundaries of your physical or mental endurance is one of the highest forms of self-love and the purest forms of nourishment.

Each time I chanted the mantra, the words resonated differently, were anchored more strongly within myself, were coming more and more from my core, finding resonance in each of my cells and far, far beyond. The mantra became a dialogue between myself and the goddess, between the divine within and without. Over the course of the 40 hours the mantra took on very different meanings and I channelled very different energies as the goddess revealed herself in all her different aspects. At times the words were fierce and fiery, as if Durga herself were throwing blades out of my mouth through my words. At other times the words became soothing and reassuring, almost like a lullaby sung by the goddess to her children, humanity. I could feel her divine rage fire up and erupt like a volcano inside of me, rage because of the ignorance of humanity, because of injustice, because of rape, murder, dishonesty, deceit, greed, pride,… at each image of injustice she showed me, each crime against life and universal truths and justice, each dishonouring of her divine creation, the fire became more ablaze. I felt her anger and wrath at the denial and the dishonouring of the feminine, a dishonouring of the highest power in the universe, of all that is sacred, an insult.
I felt how she warned humanity, how she promised to devour them, how she promised to destroy them and burn away the darkness. And I also felt how this was the greatest act of love, how she would forgive humanity as soon as she destroyed them, how she would cover them with the mantle of love, how she would take them back into her womb, deep into the bowels of the earth, take them in under layers of her skin and allow life to be reborn. How the greatest act of unconditional love was this promise of death and rebirth, the promise that when the imbalance becomes too big, she will restore harmony.

The meaning of the mantra changed yet again and towards the end it became a powerful warrior call. I could feel the joy and power of the goddess as she called out to the divine within all humans, I could see her send sparks of her sacred fire to light the hearts of men, awakening them and calling upon them to become divine warriors in the true sense of the word. Sacred warriors, people who are courageous enough to take a stand for justice and equality, people willing to live for what they believe in, willing to become an active part in the creation of a better world for all. At this point the goddess was jubilating and waves of bliss came over me as I saw and felt that everything is still possible and I felt her unconditional support and love for the sacred warriors of this earth, those that believe in their power and that live and breathe for the greater good of all.

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