Easter is the celebration of rebirth. The rebirth of love and light. Since many years now, our planet has been signalling to us that it would like to be reborn, for a while it has been pleading with us, showing us that it needs to be reborn, but many of us are still deaf to her call. Why? Because rebirth is scary. To be reborn we have to accept the existence of death and we live in a global society that is in denial of death, when paradoxically, our world is more and more morbid. Rebirth requires us to let go of what we already know, which scares us, even if what we know is harming us, is killing our ecosystem, common sense and all that is good and righteous in us. We are willing to accept anything to stay in the illusion that we won’t need to change, that everything will go back to normal. Nothing is supposed to go back to the way it was.

The way it was, is a world in which a small part of humanity lives in relative comfort: you, me, us; while the vast majority of humanity is suffering and having a hard time to feed their children. A comfort we obtained at the expense of our ecosystem, of our physical and mental health.

The world needs to be reborn and not a little bit. Rebirth can only happen after we accept death. The death of a system that is morally bankrupt. We need profound and relatively fast systemic change, for the war strategy has been announced by the oracle of Davos: no more cash, tracking and tracing of all human beings all the time, no more possessions (except for the 1%), patenting of living organisms, industrialised and automated agriculture, genetic modification and manipulation of living organisms, robotisation – a virtual society in which the “living capital” is in the hands of the mega-companies and -capitals. A medical and scientific solution to any problem. When I say medical, I actually mean medicated, because we’ve all seen that medical personnel don’t come into the equation. If today doctors still have the right to be the go-betweens between the patient and the database of medication, tomorrow they will be obsolete, we will be diagnosed and treated by algorithms and apps. When I say scientific, what I mean is technological, for the tone has been set: the less human interference the better. A computer is more reliable than a human scientist and soon you will be offered to go on holiday with your virtual reality helmet. The chosen title for this war on life is “The Great Reset”, a word until recently confined to conspiracy theory realms, today happily used by all of the world’s leaders. The word “reset” says it all really, we’re trying to reinject life into a dying machine. This is not renewal, it is a continuation and even acceleration on the road of destruction.

What is currently happening on this planet can be defined as satanic. When we look at the etymology of the word, we understand that Satan comes from Hebrew “to obstruct, to oppose”, the Semitic root of the word s-t-n meaning “deviate, distance”. Ergo, a satanic energy is an energy that deviates us from our true nature, that creates distance between human beings and their true nature, that distances us from our humanity. We can find a similar meaning in the word « syn » (sin), originally an ancient Greek and Hebrew word, used in archery, meaning “to miss the centre”. The more we drift away from our true nature, from nature in general, the further away we get from all that is sacred and all that makes us human. The Easter celebration invites the rebirth of Christ energy – Christ means “he who is anointed”, a person connected to the sacred, profoundly connected to his true nature and anointed by his own “essence”. It is time to go back to what is essential, to what connects us to our essence, what anoints us into our true nature. The path of Christ, the path of people connected to their essence, is not a path that excludes science, as long as it is at the service of humanity, that it emerges from the heart and is practised by people who work out of love for life and humanity and not out of love for money or power. The rebirth of love on this planet will happen through every person that aligns to their essence, their true nature, that works for the love of life, of nature, of humanity. Let’s nourish what brings us closer to our humanity and refuse what is destined to take us further away from it.