Active loving-kindness is a term that represents the philosophy that I practice. It is active because it is practiced consciously and I apply it systematically to all aspects of my life. This philosophy of life has slowly taken root from the moment I laid down my arms and stopped crusading. It’s a firm commitment to making the world more beautiful. For, beyond our actions, it is our thoughts and energy that create the world in which we live, that create our reality.

Active loving-kindness means giving people the benefit of the doubt, opening your heart to them. We do not make assumptions and in doing so we help to create the possibility that they act in a positive way. If we are suspicious and have trust issues, we create a reality in which this lack of trust will be validated and we will start to attract situations that reinforce our distrust even more. Just like when we remain open-hearted, life sends us evidence that validates the fact that we can continue to live with an open heart.

This is one of the main lessons I received in Glastonbury. Since I have been visiting the place and even more since I live here, I have had certain experiences that could have caused my faith to waver or that could’ve destabilized my being to the point of stepping out of my purpose. Whenever I found myself in a difficult situation, I asked my guides and my soul what the best response to the perceived difficulty was? And each time, the answer was “love.” The answer was never “shut yourself off, protect yourself” but always “open your heart even more”. This is hard to understand for the ego when it’s in pain and when it wants to express its suffering.
It was finally after a situation ocurred in my life that I perceived as betrayal, that I went to one of the sacred sites of Glastonbury and had an apparition of Jesus who put his hand on my heart. The result being that my heart caught fire. I literally felt my whole torso on fire, my whole body blazing with heat and I could see and feel my heart engulfed in the flames. He made me feel, see, experience and understand the immense and infinite power of the heart which far exceeds the impact or charge of any other energy. I have integrated this information at a cellular level and so now it is impossible to forget it and I choose to act and live in accordance with this truth that lit up my heart.

As a healer and spiritual teacher I am very aware of the power of our energy and our thoughts. The more powerful our energy becomes, the greater our responsibility to control our emotions, our thoughts and our energy, because we cannot afford to influence other people’s energy negatively.
Active loving-kindness is therefore how I choose to emit my energy in the world, but also how I receive and this gives me great strength and alignment. This means that in practice, I choose not to respond to negativity, pressure, emotional manipulation, violence, etc. What I answer to is love, respect, kindness. It is on these terms that I operate and exchange. The energies are soft, but non-negotiable. If a word, a thought, an exchange is not in keeping with the energy of love, I do not take it. It’s the power of softness.

You can’t change others, but you can have an impact on yourself, you can choose how you react to life’s difficulties. You have nothing to lose by opening your heart, only to gain. When you becomes tense, you shut yourself off and the heart contracts, you create pain for yourself and when your heart opens, abundance and love can flow freely.

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