Approaching our next Dolphin trip, I would like to share the following experience we had last year. Each year we take a group of people along with us to meet the dolphins of the Red Sea. These reconnections are important, there is a lot of healing in them and the dolphins always have important messages to share with us. Dolphins accompany the current awakening of consciousness and they play a very important role as guardians of a higher consciousness on the planet.

Last year we went back to see them in the month of July. The Red Sea suffers from tourism and just like the rest of the planet, it suffers from human pollution. Each time we go there we meditate, pray, do rituals to give something back to the Red Sea and its inhabitants, because we receive so much when we are there. It’s beyond words really… As we were there on Mary Magdalene’s feast day, I felt the need to organise a ritual in her honor, in connection to some of you who have participated at a distance. A ritual to honor mother earth, to honor the waters of this earth, to accompany the awakening of feminine energy. The ritual was very powerful, the whole group was very moved by it. Coincidentally, the next morning, the Egyptian Navy arrives to protect the Bay and officially set up protected areas demarcated by buoys.

As is often the case, the intention was good, but the execution a little clumsy. As we have largely lost our connection to the world that surrounds us, the communication with our surroundings has become a bit complicated. The buoys were intended to protect the dolphins, but the result was that the dolphins were no longer coming into the Bay. I asked them why they were staying on the outside and they showed me images of buoys attached to fishing nets, images of blood, and wounded and dead dolphins. In the consciousness of dolphins, buoys are often associated with danger and fishing. They didn’t understand why all of a sudden we wanted to hurt them. They said to me: “we have gotten along well, we don’t understand, we are sad”

I then explained that the buoys were put in place to protect them, so that the boats would stay at a distance, which would prevent them from corrupting the Dolphin habitat. It was intended to give the dolphins back their space. Here’s what they answered:

“We are surprised by this approach, we didn’t ask for anything, we were not informed, our opinion was not asked. We get a lot of joy from meeting the people that come here, we really love meeting all of you. This allows us to help them heal, to open their hearts with our healing energy so they are less harmful to their environment afterwards. It allows us to study you, to feel you, to see how humans evolve, what direction humanity takes. Interacting with you allows us to plant seeds, to contribute in building the new world.
It allows us to be aware of what is happening on the land. Because obviously we are very well aware of what is going on in the waters, we are all the time communicating with whales and dolphins from other seas and oceans in other parts of the world, but we do not have the same access to the land. So the humans who come here allow us to access that. We read them like libraries and we see everything they have experienced, the memories they carry, they carry the energy of the places they went. We are suprised by and amazed at the wide variety of human experiences. It is our pleasure to welcome you here because we feel that life on Earth is more difficult than life in the water. We are fortunate to have chosen to stay in the waters and our lives are much simpler and joyful than they would have been had we lived on land. It is a pleasure to share this joy with you and to know that you will bring it back to the place where you live.

We do not understand the purpose of these buoys very well. What is the sense in improving things here when they are not improving elsewhere? When there are many of our brothers and sisters on the earth or in the seas who suffer… You are able to divide reality, to put it into different squares and territories, but for us all these borders do not exist. Everything is a whole, everything is unified and as long as EVERYTHING is not well, we will feel it and suffer the consequences.

As you may have felt, as you know, we come from a great civilization and we chose to take this form to continue our existence in the waters of this earth when earthly life became too violent. We are not going to be dismissed by some disturbances and by pollution. What we suffer from most is the lack of consciousness and closed off human hearts. If you want to do something for us, it would be to open your heart and to help each other, act as a whole, as individuals acting for and from the common good. Or as you would say: to lay down the arms and live in peace.»