This article was inspired by the experiences and encounters we had during our mutual journeys and during our travels. We noticed that for many people the search for a spiritual way of life turns out to be a painful process, filled with physical and emotional suffering, eventually disconnecting them from their entourage. It doesn’t have to be this way. On the contrary: the goal is to enrich your life while having fun and there are ways to journey gently, for yourself and the people that surround you. The problem is that we don’t have that many points of reference when we embark on a journey in search of our soul because we’re not used to talking about this sort of subject and we underestimate the effect of our evolution on the people we love.

And yet, when you decide to unearth the parts of you that are hidden, your discoveries will have repercussions all around you. You are an individual, that much is sure, but you are also part of various communities and your actions and choices will automatically influence the people that share your life. Often, without taking notice, your newfound spiritual life will annihilate the belief system that your family and friends sustained during their entire lives, and it’s easy to understand how that can be a bit upsetting. So be patient when you start talking about past lives, your connexion to other dimensions, the evolution of consciousness, etc. and you notice that you hit a wall with the people close to you. Stay true to yourself and with time the people around you will start to understand you and will even amaze you with the change they themselves are capable of. They will see that a spiritual life does not ask us to change radically who we are, on the contrary, it can only bring us closer to our true self and help us live more authentically.

Respect your feelings

When you embark on a spiritual journey, it’s important to respect your rhythm and not try to force yourself to move any faster. What works for others does not necessarily do it for you and so there is no sense in comparing yourself to others, because there are no 2 walks of life that are the same. There are no rules, no obligations when you have a spiritual awakening, it is you that decides from beginning to end how you will assemble your life with your spiritual consciousness. If there is one piece of advice that I can give you on that account, it is this: the more something is beneficial for your physical and mental health, the better it will be for your spiritual life. The more something is in harmony with life, the better it will be for you as well.
A good example are our eating habits: you do not need to become fruitarian, eat only raw food or feed yourself on prana to become spiritual. You can try all those things to have your own experiences and compose your own diet based on how you feel with each experience. There are no rules, no methods that work for everyone: listen to your body and it will guide you to what suits you best.
For example: for me it would be a bit of a depressing thought never to be able to have a glass of wine anymore. I need to continue enjoying my material life, while my spiritual life evolves. And again, this is highly personal and there are people who do not need this at all.
Another example is vegetarianism: if we look at it objectively it’s hard to deny that a vegetarian diet is better for our planet and for animal well-being. However, if you don’t feel 100% ready to abandon meat altogether, then you shouldn’t force yourself to do so, for you will create frustrations. Try to diminish your meat intake and replace certain meals. When you are ready, the choice of being a vegetarian will be a choice of consciousness and your new diet will easily find its place in your new way of life.
This is key: Evolve gradually, don’t try to hurry, and your lifestyle will automatically follow your state of consciousness. Little by little, new habits, new choices of consumption will introduce themselves naturally into your life and replace old habits that no longer suit you. There’s the example of my glass of wine: I still enjoy drinking a glass from time to time, but I buy organic and biological wine. Not only does this choice better suit me because of its environmental impact, but it’s also a better choice for my digestive system and my skin.

Don’t do things that put you ill at ease. Anything you do in life will become easier if you do it in the spirit of joy and awe. It’s not because your friend opened his third eye by singing mantras in a spiritual chant group that you should do the same. If the idea of singing mantras makes you cringe, then this is not the right method for you. Let go of all beliefs that are engrained in our cultures about spirituality and suffering: you do not need to suffer by doing things that don’t please you to elevate your consciousness. If your choices reflect who you are, each and every time and they reflect your present moment, then your loved ones will more easily accept your new choices in life because they will feel that your circumstances simply adapt to who you are. If however, you start doing things that you don’t really feel because you think you have to, if you adopt new habits without joy or while you doubt their utility, they will feel this as well. If you can’t be confident about the path you chose yourself, then you cannot expect other people to support you in your process either.

Always stay true to yourself

A spiritual awakening will drastically change the way you see yourself and make you become conscious of the image you project and some people will be inclined to change their appearance to create a “spiritual” image. Watch out for that: Dreadlocks and hippie pants do not make you more spiritual and there is no sense in throwing away your make-up and change your heels for Birkenstocks simply to respond to an image that isn’t you. Every choice is highly individual. The more you are faithful to yourself, the more your spiritual life will develop.

Everything has a reason: the place where you were born, the family that surrounds you, your appearance, etc. Before being born you made a conscious choice to arrive in a certain kind of situation and in a certain environment. Everything that surrounds you serves a purpose, it’s there because you decided it would be the best environment for you to learn and to experience what you wanted to experience. If you are awake today, this means that your life was perfectly designed to get you where you are today.

Don’t become an imitation of someone you admire or someone who seems very “spiritual” to you. Trace your own path, an imitation is never as good as the original. The same goes for ancient traditions, doctrines, beliefs: there is no harm in travelling to India to enrich yourself, in spending time in an ashram, studying Egyptian mysticism or consulting sacred books, but don’t forget to integrate all this knowledge and adapt it to our current day and age. Study the teachings that inspire you and update all this information to today, make it evolve. Don’t stay attached to the past: the world evolves at such a pace that what was being said yesterday already needs to evolve today.
Use your common sense and your creativity: What inspires me, which information is useful for my development and how can I integrate them into my life and adapt them to my personality? Don’t just copy paste, this is no longer relevant.
This is one of the keys to reassure your friends and family as well; they need to feel that you think about what you do, that you use your common sense and that you don’t just blindly follow some guru or teaching. Don’t abandon yourself to a method, integrate it.

Be open and transparent

Always be honest about what you’re feeling and don’t hide your spiritual life. What is hidden easily becomes obscure. During thousands of years people that were awake and connected suffered from having to hide their spirituality and from deviating from the norm at the risk of their own lives and those of their loved ones: religious persecution, suppression by the government, witch hunts…. Today we can speak freely (in most parts of the world) about what we’re experiencing, so let’s do that. There is no reason to hide, because the planetary evolution allows us to speak out and help others to open their consciousness. No need to change your name either. Why hide yourself behind an alias? Are you unsure about what you’re experiencing? Or does your alias reveal a need that hasn’t been met in your personal life? Why dissociate your spiritual life and the rest of your life?

No need to explain yourself or define yourself with a title either. Your possibilities are without limit, depending on which ones you decide to explore and develop. After all the effort you put into liberating yourself, it would be a shame to build another box for yourself. At the beginning of my journey, I made this mistake: I called myself a spiritual catalyst because I thought I needed to explain what I do. The problem is that this word does not express who I am, it expresses a function. The essence of who I am is Anaïs and all my actions flow from this essence. I don’t wish to limit myself with a label anymore. Yes, I talk to nature and its spirits, I meditate, I’ve been contacted by deceased family members and I communicate with beings from other dimensions, but that doesn’t make me medium, or healer, or “channel”, or druid… I am Anaïs and this name gives me all the legitimacy I need to do all those things.

Be yourself: It’s the only title that no-one else will be able to take and the only function no-one else can fulfil.

You are not the oracle of Delphi

The excess of transparency is spiritual exhibitionism. Sometimes the expression “Talking is silver, silence is gold” is truer than ever. Even if you feel the need to express your doubts, fears, emotions to your family and your friends, they might not be ready to listen to them. It’s not because you have made progress and you are ready to let go of certain things to lighten your load that they are in the same situation. This does not mean that you shouldn’t express yourself, but be careful in how you approach these situations. If all of a sudden you unleash all the emotions and frustrations that you have been bottling up for years upon your loved ones, they probably won’t understand what is going on. In your clumsiness you put them ill at ease and you limit the possibilities for discussion. They are likely to build a wall around themselves to protect them against any future outbursts.

Don’t go around predicting people’s futures, tell them what you can perceive in their auras or even hand out your advice without being asked for it. Not only is this extremely impolite, but this means you have little sensibility as well. You are intruding the private sphere of another person and this will rarely be appreciated. Every person has his free will and every person has the opportunity to find his path in life himself. If you do not respect this process in intervening without an invitation, you disrupt the natural order of things. Imagine if you will a doctor that goes around predicting the life expectancy to the smokers he knows or a friend in childcare that tells you how to raise your children….
If you want people to respect your way of life and your individuality, then you should first respect the choices and the lifestyles of others.

For the same reason: Don’t perform any energetic work, healing, distance healing on anyone if they are not informed about it or if they don’t agree with it. It’s very simple: you cannot influence another person without this person knowing it, no matter how well your intentions. The only exception: when the person is incapable of asking for your help or answering you: for example people that are severely injured or disabled… In this case you connect to the higher consciousness of the person and you ask his permission to act.
Black magic = influencing the life, behaviour of someone without the consent of the other person. White magic is always performed with the accord of all parties. If people have questions, want your help or advice they will come and find you. If you’re open and honest about what you do, that is 😉

Find your place in the whole

You are not better, nor worse than anyone else. Your spiritual consciousness does not make you better than others, nor does your inexperience make you inferior. Every person on earth today is here to heal the planet and to prepare the evolution of the planet. Even the people you despise, who seem to be there to do the contrary, or the people that are completely unaware that they are here for a purpose. You have a role to play in the whole, like everyone else that surrounds you. Today humanity is ready for each and every individual to become master of his own faith and evolution.

This does not mean that you cannot learn from other people or be inspired by the paths others walked before you. This only means that at a certain moment, you need to emancipate yourself, detach yourself from teachings that come from outside of you and let your inner inspiration flow freely.
Gurus had their utility in the past, but the time of the masters has come to an end. They planted the seeds that make the current evolution of consciousness possible. They were pioneers in times where not many had access to the subtle realms of existence and humanity still needed intermediaries to be able to communicate with these realms. Today their examples motivate us to explore our full potential. These transmissions of the past and of the present all have the common goal to lead you to your independence and help you integrate your spiritual consciousness into your material life.

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