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We are Anais & Jean-Baptiste, two people who love life and who decided, one day, to follow our hearts unconditionally. Since then, we go wherever life takes us, travelling as modern pilgrims, on the outside as well as on the inside, which brings us tremendous inner peace and a zest for life we couldn’t have imagined before.

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A energy healing session is a privileged moment where you allow yourself a conscious time of listening to your soul. Life is indeed magical, but to master the use of your magic wand correctly and create the life you wish to create for yourself, you need to be connected to your own inner source.

The healing sessions we offer are all about bringing you back into your own center, this inner space of calm and serenity and we take you back to your own source, the place from which your whole being can flourish and create flow and abundance, by eliminating the elements in your life that prevent you from accessing this space easily. We bring you to an inner state of profound harmony so that your cells can recognise this state of being and return to it more easily.

– Cost: £60 or £75 –

A compass session consists in helping you determine your direction on the path of life.

A compass session will help you move past situations that are preventing you from moving forward and bring back some flow in your journey.

with Anaïs

– Cost: £75 

The goal of a reading session is to give you useful messages, confirmations or to help you perceive new possibilities. All with the intention of allowing you to continue your spiritual path more easily and serenely.

The Session consists in an audio recording. I will fix a date you will receive the reading and we will stay in contact to discuss the content. I need you first name, date of birth and question to do the reading.

with Jean-Baptiste

Cost: £33

“After a very clear message I received at the beginning of this year, I now organise Healing from the Guides-sessions. These are group sessions of distant energy healing that are organised each new moon, in connection with one of the spiritual guides that have been accompanying Jean-Baptiste and I on our pilgrimage since a couple of years and that passed their wisdom on to us. The healing session will invite the energy of the spiritual guide in your life so that he/she can also accompany you on your quest for self-realisation and expansion of consciousness.

Each “Healing from the Guides” connects to a different part of your being and opens different doors and possibilities. The new moon is an excellent moment to place a constructive energy that will allow you to move forward on your path in life.” Anaïs

– Cost: £9

novembre 2019

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"Being the example is not only the best way to teach something, in reality it is the only way"


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