If 2020 was the year of the Lotus, 2021 is the year of the rose. This last year held the energy of purification, alignment and purity. The teaching of the past year was to show us all the dark and obscure corners of our lives, to help us identify what no longer suits us, to test our alignment amidst all the upheaval and stormy climate and to show us the path to sovereignty by opening our eyes to all the domains in our life where we lost our freedom. As it was a number 4 year, this great wave of purification crashed upon all the structures in place that are not rooted in purity, that are not created from the heart and shook the foundations of all that was and is corrupted. The structures in place, external and internal, started to collapse like never before in our era and are continuing to show us their cracks and incoherence.

In 2021 this wave of disintegration will continue. If there is one word to summarise this year’s energy, it is “Chaos”. Chaos that can be fertile or chaos that can submerge us, the choice will be ours for a large part. The chaos of childbirth, the chaos that announces the coming of something new, that sings the prelude of a new era. Resisting change no longer makes any sense, for the earth already moved into a different cycle and our collective reality is at the dawn of rebirth. We can choose between aligning our lives to the new energies or attaching ourselves to the sinking ship.

We are going from a number 4 year – a year that showed us the limitations of the structures within which we function – to a number 5 year. The number 5 opens up our opportunities, there are more possibilities, more openings than in a number 4 year, even if this often manifests in more visible chaos. The number 5 reminds us of the 5 petals of the Venus rose and it is she who imparts the biggest teachings in this new cycle: what is our capacity to love? How big are our hearts? Venus teaches us how to act from the heart, how to create from love, how to generate beauty.
Many of us will feel the need to create in this new year, to invest ourselves into artistic endeavours, to nourish ourselves with beauty. We have been deprived of beauty and sensitivity in 2020 and this created a thirst for art, music and beauty that will generate many creative initiatives in this new year.
Venus, goddess who emerges from the ocean, perfected the art of thriving in the midst of chaos. She also teaches us how to be agile and will test our capacity of adaptation in this new year. She shows us how to live in the flow, how to allow our lives to flow from our inner wellspring of wisdom. The more we dance to Venus’s song in this new year, the easier our journey will be.

A rose has its thorns – and we will prick our fingers every time we try to control what happens in our lives or in the world, every time we attach ourselves to false securities, every time we act from the mind or limit our potential. The rose will not allow us to stop it from blooming.

We are moving from a square (number 4 – structure, limitation, rules) to a circle (5 – opening, possibilities, cycles). This means that we will have to function in a way that is more free, more agile and that respects the cycles of nature, of the earth and the world. For too long the arrogance of Man made us believe that we could extricate ourselves from the cycles of life, that they somehow don’t apply to us. Instead of welcoming the natural cycles – blooming – withering – death – rebirth, we bought into the dogma of eternal growth. Venus will show us the limits of this way of thinking and reminds us that we can only prosper if we are supportive of life – how can we live our lives in greater harmony with the natural world, how can we express our respect for the animals, the plant life, the living beings of this planet? How can we live in solidarity with the people that surround us, with our bodies and our health, with our heart, with the earth?

The masculine counterpart of Venus in this new year is Merlin: the mage and guide who teaches us to transcend our visible reality and steer our life from our intuition, receive our guidance from our subtle connection to the fabric of life. We will be OK if trust our inner compass that is synchronised to the rhythm of the earth, if we put our faith in the voice of our soul and our ability to hear and feel the breath of life. Merlin will teach us how to cunningly navigate the tempestuous waters of this world as it continues its transformation and shows us how to slip through the cracks of a reality that has become too narrow and decide ourselves on the rules that govern our life. Merlin will continually ask us: What do you give more weight to – the corrupt laws of Man or the universal laws of life? If we wish to move forward in this new year, we will need the courage to innovate and to colour outside the lines.
Merlin teaches us to channel the building tension between the two main polarities that have started to crystallise within humanity and transform this tension into creative juice and life force. He will also allow us to experience the shocks we need to get moving and take action if we have allowed ourselves to be stunned into inaction. But Merlin also bears gifts – he brings us magic, the kind of magic that can transform any situation and that emerges when we relate to life as a game and we open ourselves to wonder. We will tap into this magic by connecting to the earth and by connecting to the different realms (animal, plant, mineral, elemental, …), for they are the only ones able to initiate us into the magic of the new earth.

In short, the key words for this new year 2021 are chaos, love, solidarity, creativity, courage and magic and with this palette we will all create our unique work of art.

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