2020 is the year of purity and clarity, we are asked to commit unconditionally to our soul’s path and bring clarity to everything that is ambiguous or unclear or let go when this is not possible. We will have to focus on what is really important to us, not allow ourselves to be sidetracked in activities or projects that don’t correspond to our highest truth and be uncompromising when it comes to our values and integrity, in which case 2020 will be an incredibly elevating year in which our soul soars to new heights and we access new insights and wisdom.

The presence of the number 2 in the numerology of the new year means that it is an important year for partnerships and relationships. The number zero shows that a new dynamic is arising in the way in which we interact with each other, we hit the reset button and let go of everything we thought we knew about our relationships as we are entering into an energy where anything is possible (the best as well as the worst). We are asked to check our allegiances and associations: are the people that are most present in our personal and professional lives in support of our soul’s path and our light? Are we able to be our authentic selves in all the different environments we navigate in without watering ourselves down? If this is not the case, we should ask ourselves why we maintain these relationships?
The lotus reminds us that our relationships have to be based on inner purity and can only flourish when both people are coming from a place of complete authenticity and are standing in the sovereignty of their soul. Only then can energy circulate without being tainted by fear, expectations or jealousy.

This movement of greater clarity is greatly supported by the rise of the divine masculine in 2020. Since 2012 the feminine has been rising, opening the gateway to a new paradigm and holding space for the rebirth of humanity. This year we will see the enlightened masculine join forces with the midwives of the new earth as men start to say “enough”, being fed up with the negative image of the masculine caused by unconscious actions of the unenlightened and patriarchal masculine. They will start to reclaim and reinterpret the masculine, much in the same way that women have been reclaiming and redefining the feminine and a new masculine will start to emerge: one that is not afraid of the power of the feminine, that doesn’t feel threatened by the sword of the Magdalene, one that celebrates this energy and supports women. As the illusions held in the collective in regards to masculine and feminine energy start to shatter, the relationship between the masculine and the feminine can start to heal.

The numerology of the number 4 (2+0+2+0=4) means that we build the foundation of the future. In the energy of the lotus this means that new structures will start to arise and that we are asked to build our future in a different way than what we have done in the past. We have started to see the cracks in our current paradigm as all major political, economic and environmental strategies of the last few years are failing because they are based on the laws of the past which no longer apply to our new world.
No amount of planning or strategising will be able to turn the chaos of the old world into harmony. We cannot flourish if we keep ourselves imprisoned in the rules and limitations of the old paradigm, as it has been bled empty. A world of abundance lies beyond this paradigm, a world not ruled by financial gains and fears, a world of infinite resources rooted in the abundance of divine truth.

The way forward during this new year is to stay rooted in the sovereignty and the purity of the self. We have to commit to our own healing journey and inner purity to build lasting bridges with the people and the world around us. It would be an illusion to move forward without an uncompromising commitment to our higher truth for we cannot continue to interact with others from our wounded ego or tainting our relationships with the bitter taste of disappointments from the past. It is our responsibility to disengage from what is impure (thoughts, behaviour, relationships, patterns) and gracefully commit to beauty, compassion and love, following the shining example of the goddess in the lotus…

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