2018 was a revelatory year that was intense for many of us, a year that delivered important messages from our soul and a time of major insights. A year where we faced some difficulties, but also experienced great release. This is not new, of course, since 2012 we have entered a cycle of clarity and truth and this cycle continued into the year 2018, with a concentration of revelations in the last few months of the year. A rising number of people have found it increasingly difficult to live in disaccord with their inner truth or to live a life of illusions. The confrontation with absolute truth was sometimes a rude but necessary awakening: for some people this meant discovering family secrets, others had deeply buried trauma surfacing, long hushed truths were expressed. Those who tried to resist this inner push for truth faced a lot of violence: the body started rebelling and expressing itself through illness, depression, burnout and many people found themselves entertaining very dark thoughts towards the end of the year.

We were put under a lot of pressure on a personal level, but also on a collective level. The year 2018 will be remembered as the year of disenchanted people’s movements giving expression to a profound collective unhappiness.

The reason for all of this anger and pain rising to the surface? To pierce the bubble of illusions and present us with a very easy and straightforward choice: live or die?

For until now we were more dead than alive. Since too long we have been living in morbid societies, fleeing our reality and responsibilities. We have accepted to exist on the surface, refusing to contact deeper layers of ourselves and limiting ourselves to expressing only one aspect of who we are. We learned to silence our souls, creating fictitious characters built on false values. We have become avatars repeating certain tasks routinely and robotically, all following similar pathways to end up with uniform results, following a sterile life model that is void of any deeper meaning. The plastic life. Cut off from our feelings, emotions, common sense, the world of the living has become a world of emptiness, of walking dead functioning in a world that does not correspond to their values, adopting lifestyles that go against the principle of life itself. Death has infiltrated every part of our society and life : our dinner plates are filled with chemical food that lacks any nutritional value, we inflict chemical warfare upon our already sick bodies, the soil of our fields has been killed off with too many pesticides, the resources of mother earth pillaged on a daily basis to fulfil artificially created consumer demands. Maybe the most striking evidence for the morbidity of our culture is that even the domain of childbirth has become completely sterile and aseptic.
This state of walking dead has become unacceptable for our soul; it prefers leaving the earth plane altogether than continue in an existence that has no meaning or that is alive.

The illusion of the meaning of a life in pursuit of money and goods has evaporated and we are collectively realising that we no longer wish to be dead before our time. We want to live! We want to feel, get inspired, feel wonder, create, laugh, share…

2019 the year of alchemy

All these things that came to the surface, individually or collectively, are there to be transformed. This means that we become responsible beings, we become conscious of the fact that there is no such thing as running away. We can’t erase our past, but we can transform and reinterpret it. It’s not because we can no longer see something that it doesn’t exist. On the contrary: each energy or thought that is emitted exists forever and will continue to influence and pollute us if we don’t transform its negative charge. It’s much like with material waste: it’s not because your waste bin is picked up once a week to go to a landfill that your waste no longer exists. It continues to pollute the earth, the oceans, the groundwater and negatively influence your living environment until it is recycled or decomposes.

So instead of trying to forget the past or move on to something else, we need to understand that we never really “move on”, because our past is part of us. We should focus on finding a way to neutralise the negative charge or the unhealthy hold our past has on us. This doesn’t mean we stay stuck in the past or we wallow in past suffering, it means we face reality, we take full responsibility for our actions and we integrate the notion that everything can be transformed.

We need to be gentle with ourselves. It is not because we encounter some obstacles that we are no longer on our path. It is not because we face certain situations that remind us of the past that we no longer evolve or that we are running around in circles. Often this happens because our cleansing and purification process goes deeper and deeper. As we and our world integrate more and more light, we go further and further back in the past, we go deeper into our karma, we travel down the family lineage and we dive into the collective karma to transform the past and ensure our future by doing this. This can give us the impression that the difficulties we face are without end, that there is no respite, because often great moments of happiness and expansion are followed by great challenges or difficulties.

As if the shadows walk hand in hand with the light. In a way, this is true. We can’t reject part of reality or the world and solely concentrate on the parts we like. Everything affects us, so every part of darkness needs to be transformed. Allowing ourselves to feel compassion for ourselves and for others, to be gentle with what we perceive to be weaknesses in ourselves or in others will greatly help our evolution, for one of the biggest obstacles to our freedom and liberation is shame and guilt.

As we enter into a number 3 year, 2019 is also the year in which we start to reap the fruits of our past labour. We will start to see that certain projects or ideas we were working on for a long time suddenly start to take shape and bloom. Our efforts start to show results and this will bring us a lot of joy in the new year. Joy is a major key in 2019. We must not forget to fully enjoy the pleasant moments in life, to celebrate our successes, be fully present to the gifts of life. Because these moments of happiness will give us the fuel to do what we need to do, to move forward on our path. It’s key to cultivate gratitude for the good things in life. The more we appreciate the good things, the more we feel joyful, the more our life will multiply these moments of happiness.

Our presence is important in everything we do in this new year. Let’s concentrate on one thing at the time. It is the presence with which we do things that will determine the result of our actions. The calmer we are on the inside, the more we concentrate on the task at hand, the better our results. This doesn’t mean we can’t work on multiple projects at the same time, but it is essential to give our undivided attention to everything we do, to put our essence in our creations, to let our creations be the reflection of who we are, the physical manifestations of the energy we carry.

The energy of transformation is very strong in this new year, and it’ll be important to channel that energy in the right direction. What are the domains that need to evolve in our life? What is important to us? What is our mission in life, our purpose? We need to choose a clear direction to use the full potential of this year’s energy and not waste our energy in futile actions that have no meaning. What matters is to give meaning to our existence, to commit to something we care about, this is what will determine our success and well-being in 2019.

We talked about this before, the dark and the light alternate and become inseparable. This fusion of reality means that our personal and collective evolution is moving forward at the speed of light. This also means, however, that we can feel destabilised and submerged. To reach our destination we need to rest and recharge from time to time before we can continue. What is our anchor in life? Where do we recharge our batteries? What is the environment we feel safe and welcome in ? In which circumstances do we feel support? Is there a community of people we can always go to? It doesn’t matter how solid we are or what strength of character we have, we all need support and building and maintaining this support structure is essential in the future.

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