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Path of the Druid

An initiation into the tradition and ancestral philosophy of the Celtic lands and live a conscious life as ambassador of mother earth. A journey across the 7 chakras weaving connections between our inner worlds, the different realms of nature, the wisdom of the trees, the magic of the invisible world,…to regain mastery over our intuitive capacities. 


Path of the Magdalene

with Anaïs
A path of initiation for women who feel the call of the Magdalene. Through various initiations into the mysteries of Mary Magdalene and rose medicine you awaken the consciousness of the Magdalene within and join the ranks of ancient priestesses, devoted to protecting all that is sacred and helping human consciousness blossom. 

Egyptian Mystery School

A series of teachings in which we unravel the mysteries of the ancient temples, reconnect to sacred Egyptian rites and practices and bring back the golden age of Ancient Egypt. A reconnection to our true power and potential as divine creators, the Egyptian initiations help us understand and master the reality we live in, transform our lives and open the door to a flourishing global society.


Elixir Ambassador Initiation

A course destined for therapists or people offering holistic healing who wish to incorporate the use of the Pravaha healing elixirs in their practice or who want to discover a new healing tool. The elixirs are spiritual essential oil blends designed to harmonise the chakras and bring a person into alignment with the path of the soul.

Meet the Dolphins

A week-long retreat amongst the dolphins of the Red Sea in Egypt to learn from their openness of heart and spontaneity and remember our own potential of unconditional love. An experience beyond time and space, reconnecting us to pure joy and wonder and bringing the flow back into our lives.


Sacred Pilgrimage

An immersive sacred pilgrimage experience, applying some of the principles you might have learned during one of our initiations, connecting to sacred lands and temples to awaken ancient memories and expand your horizons by moving outside of your comfort zone. Trek through the Tunisian desert on the back of a camel, descend into the crypts of ancient Egyptian temples or reach new spiritual heights on Machu Picchu…

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Latest Past Events

Druid Path Retreat: Water, Air & Ether

The druid path consists of a series of 7 initiations, 7 portals that will take you on a journey to awaken the essence of the druid path inside of you […]

Path of the Magdalene: Part 3

This is the final initiation of the Magdalene teachings, dedicated to learning the healing techniques and rituals as they were practiced and transmitted by Mary Magdalene and the women that […]

Druid Path: Fire & Water

The druid path consists of a series of 7 initiations, 7 portals that will take you on a journey to awaken the essence of the druid path inside of you […]

Coming Soon: Laying Down the Arms 

An initiation by Anaïs Theyskens

The story of a pilgrimage, an adventure transporting the reader to some of the most sacred sites of the earth and initiating them into ancient secrets that have the potential to sound in a new era of peace and hope.

“Like a compass, this book lights the way to the source and helps us come back into the heart.
An amazing tool to reconnect us to who we are in essence, beings of love.”

In Collaboration with Jean-Baptiste Le Cocq – Chronicles of the Pilgrims of the Earth – Coming out Spring/Summer


2021 – The Year of the Rose

If 2020 was the year of the Lotus, 2021 is the year of the rose. This last year held the energy of purification, alignment and purity. The teaching of the past year was to show us all the dark and obscure corners of our lives, to help us identify what no longer suits...

The religion of Power and Money

I received a secular education and at the time of my childhood, this was a rare thing. The reason I wasn’t raised in Catholic religion or baptised, although I was born in a Catholic country, from a traditionally Catholic family, is because my parents had been...

Moving house ceremony

A house is a temple, a sacred and conscious space in which we spend much of our time. By honoring this space, we generate harmony and create a space that supports our energy and activities. Below I share a process of ritualising your entry in a new home. You can omit,...

Spirituality – a path to sovereignty

The spiritual path can only be born of a critical spirit: a spirit that accepts to abandon all pre-conceived ideas and is open to welcoming new ones. Spiritual people have an observant mind, the capacity to evaluate their own thoughts, actions and words and...

Dear men of this earth…

Let’s talk about misogyny. The official definition of misogyny is deep hatred of men towards women and/or girls. My personal experience of misogyny is a lot closer to that of Kate Manne (Philosopher and author of “Down Girl – the logic of misogyny”) where she defines...


Sessions & Circles


A session can take on different modalities depending on your needs. Your appointment can consist of an energetic healing session, spiritual guidance and advice, mentoring, a reading of your possibilities and immediate needs, integration or healing of past life experiences or a combination of multiple elements.



Women’s circles with the intention of awakening Magdalene consciousness in the participants and creating a community of female support, allowing women to benefit from coming together and sharing their experiences. The circle is a combination of meditation, sacred ritual, rose medicine, sharing circle and channeled healing, all with a connection to the Magdalene teachings.



New Moon Healing

A collective healing session at the new moon connected to a specific spiritual guide each month. The healing circle will invite the energy of the guide in your life so that he/she can accompany you on your pilgrimage and your path of expansion. You receive a channeled message after the healing circle. 

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